Frequently Asked Questions

The Able Ready Employment Network (EN) help people explore or try returning to work without fear of losing their benefits or Medicare for an extended period of time.  Our EN provides the best FREE assistance to getting you started with your application to the program.

Career Counseling, help identifying your skills, Resume and Cover Letter Development, Interview Preparation, assistance to explaining any limitations or gaps in work history to employers, job leads and job search assistance. We do not offer transportation or training assistance..

Payments made by Able Ready Employment Network directly to you. Returning to work can mean extra expenses. Able Ready will give you a $50 bonus payment when you return to work and earn over $850 gross pay per month. After every milestone that we receive payment for, we will issue you an additional bonus payment of $50.

First step is calling or completing the online contact form.  Click here to get started with a phone call or online form. We will discuss your employment goals and the short and long term supports that you need to reach those goals. If during the sign up process we either individually or together come to the conclusion that Able Ready is not the best option for you, we will suggest alternative ways of obtaining the support you need.

Next step is to develop an Individualized Work Plan (IWP) and then begin services.

*Please Note: We cannot process your IWP nor will SSA actually assign your ticket until you have had a one-on-one conversation with an Able Ready representative. During this conversation we will review items such as the Timely Progress Guidelines with you.

We created helpful handouts to send you.  You can also go to to access the information online.

You may be pleasantly surprised at how far SSA goes in trying to make you feel comfortable about making a work attempt.

If you would like to speak to someone directly, call the TTW helpline (866-968-7842)and you can be connected to someone in the Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) program to provide individualized assistance.

In the IRS Publication 525, Taxable and Nontaxable Income, under a section titled “Persons with Disabilities”, the IRS states, “you do not include in income the value of goods, services, and cash that you receive, not in return for your services, but for your training and rehabilitation because you have a disability”. The payments Able Ready makes to you ARE to assist with your on-going rehabilitation and efforts to remain in the workforce despite the fact that you have a disability.

Awesome! Call Able Ready at (888) 840-9675. Let’s get your Work Support Payments started. We can also review with you more information on receiving payments.

Yes. But depending upon the amount of help that your state VR agency or the other Employment Network already gave you, Maximus, the contractor who Social Security hired to administer the Ticket Program, may decide that some percentage of your initial Ticket payments should still go to the original agency. Maximus makes these decisions on a case-by-case basis. You will receive a portion of whatever amount Able Ready receives for your Ticket. If you are not certain of the status of your Ticket call Maximus at 1-866-968-7842 and ask.

Ticket Holders are only allowed to work with one EN or state VR agency at a time. If your ticket has been assigned to the Ticket To Working EN then you cannot work with your state VR agency unless you first un-assign your ticket from Able Ready. If you want to switch your Ticket from your state VR agency to Able Ready, you must first initiate a request to your state VR agency to close your case—which is your right to do so at any time. Once your VR case is closed you can assign your Ticket to Able Ready.

If you decide to switch your Ticket you must first contact Ticket to Work at 1-866-968-7842 and request that your ticket be unassigned from the current EN.  Once the ticket is unassigned you can complete the assignment process with Able Ready by completing the IWP.

For an overview of the entire Ticket to Work program please visit  To talk with an agent at Ticket to Work who can answer questions about the Ticket to Work program call: 1-866-968-7842.

Yes! To qualify for continued payments while working, you want to have your “Ticket to Work” assigned to an Employment Network” Call us now to complete an intake and have your benefits protected at 800-616-9202. Under ‘Section 301’: You must be participating in an appropriate program of the VR or similar services that began before your disability ends under our rules; and We must review your program and decide that your continued participation in the program will increase the likelihood of your permanent removal from the disability benefit rolls. (Social Security Administration, The Red Book 2022) 

Your monthly cash benefits and medical benefits continue during the Trial Work Period (TWP) or 9 months plus 3 months of “Grace Period”, or 12 months.  You can receive benefits during Trial Work Period (Earnings up to $970.00/month) + 3 months above Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA = Earnings above $1350.00/month). Sign up now or call us at (888) 840-9675 – you will need to complete quick intake and speak with one of our team members.

You can request “Expedited Reinstatement (EXR). The SSA Red Book states, “If your cash payments ended because of your work and earnings, and you stop work within 5 years of when your benefits ended, you may be able to have your benefits started again right away through a request for EXR.” ((Social Security Administration, The Red Book 2022)

Most persons with disabilities who work will continue to receive at least 93 consecutive months of Hospital Insurance (Part A); Supplemental Medical Insurance (Part B), if enrolled; and Prescription Drug coverage (Part D), if enrolled, after the 9-month Trial Work Period (TWP). You do not pay a premium for Part A. Although cash benefits may cease due to work, you have the assurance of continued health insurance. (93 months is 7 years and 9 months).” (Social Security Administration, The Red Book 2022)

We help both SSDI and SSI beneficiaries. If you are receiving SSI benefits, then you will want to call us to learn how your cash benefits are affected at (888) 840-9675. The details of how your benefits may be affected are complex and vary depending on which state or territory you live in. Generally speaking, for every $2.00 you earn in a job, SSA will subtract $1.00 from you monthly SSI check ($2 for $1 split).

For example, if you earn $841.00 per month on SSI, and you earn $1000.00 per month in a job then SSA will subtract $500.00 from your SSI check ($2 for $1 split), and you will receive $341 monthly on SSI.

Your Medicaid eligibility is affected by your income and varies depending on the state or territory you live in.